Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Party

Today a few of the neighbors threw a really cool mommy and me Halloween party. The kids were so excited to get into their costumes and go see some friends. Even some of us moms dressed up! Here are a few hi-lites of the party:

This is Nyah getting her Halloween Groove on. She is the only kid dancing... what a cutie!

This is the last few seconds of Zane beating the crud out of the pumpkin pinata. He was the biggest (not necessarily the oldest) kid at the party, so they let him go last and bust that sucker open!

Shelly and I in our costumes

The cute witch is Selena, and the pregnant and pretty angel is Stephanie.

Thanks Selena and friends for a great party! I am not exactly sure of all the ladies that helped put it all together, but it was so fun, and I am glad we went. Hopefully we can do it again next year!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Since my last post both Jeff and Zane had birthdays. Jeff's was first, and he wanted to go to Tepanyaki for dinner to celebrate. We love this place because they make such yummy food, but also because it is so entertaining to watch them cook it right at your table. Zane and Nyah had never been there before, so it was especially fun watching them discover how cool it is to watch someone do tricks while they cook for you. Nyah wasn't sure how she felt about the onion fire volcano at first, but as soon as she saw the cook turn it into a choo choo train she smiled with delight.

After dinner we went to Zane's soccer game. He scored another goal, and it was fun for everyone to be outside together in such nice weather. After the game we went home for some cheesecake (Jeff loves cheesecake) and a few small gifts. It was so nice.

The onion volcano.

Nyah is nervous about the volcano.

The volcano is now miraculously a choo choo train

Nyah tries to climb over the top of Jeff at the soccer game.

Jeff's cheesecake. Yummy.

Exactly one week after Jeff's birthday was Zane's birthday. The big number five. He wanted to have a party, but I was hoping to keep it low key this year, so we decided on a movie party. We got ready by making sports cupcakes and decorating a little bit.

Then lots of his friends came over, and everyone went down into the basement for snacks and a movie. Zane chose Alvin and the Chipmunks. The kids seemed to be watching it for about thirty minutes before they got too excited and started to play around. A few of the older cousins decided to have a puppet show for the younger kids, and it was a big hit. Unfortunately that just made them more rowdy and wild. So I decided it was time to redirect the party upstairs for cupcakes and presents.

The party was so fun, and I am glad that so many kids could come celebrate with us. On Zane's actual birthday we took the kids to Boondocks and played arcade games. After an awesome afternoon playing, we came home an sang Happy Birthday and had chocolate cupcakes. He had a soccer game that night too, so we went straight there after our little family party. It was a great day, and I am so glad that Zane is our boy.

Such a cool kid. I love his smile.