Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Love December

Wow, I can't believe that Christmas is almost here. I love Christmas time, and I have really been trying to enjoy it this year. I feel so blessed to know that Jesus is my Savior, and that in him I can be forgiven and perfected. Today in Relief Society Sister Penny (I can't remember her last name for the life of me!!!) was reminding us not to just glorify Christ, but to emulate Him. What a wonderful reminder! I should not just remember and praise Him, but I should try to pattern my life after His.

There are so many family and friends that have served us and loved us these past several months. Some have helped us with a few bills ( my medical bills have gotten a little out of hand), some have been good listeners, some have offered advice, some have even tried to help me with access to an E. Stim machine! Can you believe the generosity? Some of the sisters in my ward have even provided me a warm hug and comfort to my soul. As women, we all need that some times. I am so grateful for the love and generosity we have been shown. These people have reminded me how to be like Jesus.

... Okay, so obviously I didn't finish this post. Now Christmas has passed, but I still want post what I had written, along with a few photos of our December before Christmas. I will do a separate Christmas post in a few days. Love to you all!

Zane telling Santa that he has been good all year.

Nyah would only sit with Santa if I was with her.

By the tree.

Zane's Christmas program at Challenger School.

Zane and Ny after the program.

Me and the kids at Zane's program. Sadly, Jeff had to work and couldn't attend.

Zane's Statue if Liberty in the Hall at Challenger School.

The map where the Statue of Liberty is posted.

With Eve at Glenn Beck's Christmas Show. Thanks for the ticket, Jeff. It was the best Christmas present ever!

The Nativity at Temple Square. The kids loved the lights and the Nativity story.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Security or Love?

Jeff and I are having a little difference of opinion on something, so I figure we could settle this by getting the opinions of all the people reading this blog. Here's the question:

What is a woman's basic desire/ need from a man?

This would apply to women in general regardless of age, religion, or social status. Jeff and I agree that a man's basic desire is sex, so there is no disagreement there. Here are the arguments:

Jeff: A woman's most basic desire is security. She wants to make sure that her man will provide a good life for her. It is not sex, admiration, love, appreciation, or any other thing. Those things, although important, are secondary to security. Most women will try to deny it, but if they take a real good look at themselves, security is #1. This is not a bad thing, it is an innate desire to help women chose a mate that will be able to provide for her children, and make it possible for the mother to spend her time caring for and nurturing the children. He doesn't think all women are gold diggers, he thinks they have this desire for the purpose of creating a family that thrives.

Tara: A woman's most basic desire is love and adoration. I think that when a woman is dreaming about her future mate she thinks of a man that is totally in love with her. She dreams of a man who loves her and only her, and would be willing to sacrifice anything reasonable to make her happy. This doesn't mean that she would actually ask him to do that, she just wants a man who adores her enough to be willing to. A woman wants a man who thinks good thoughts about her, and only has nice things to say about her when he is talking to family or friends. She wants a man who loves her as much or more than she loves him, and she would take that above being secure any day of the week. The way I see it, if your hubby is completely in love with you (and treats you as such) you would be willing to endure and work through any "security" issues there might be. In a truly loving relationship, trials are much easier to fight through together.

We both agree that there are a few exceptions to the rule, such as gold diggers, or completely immature nit wits, but we are sticking by our arguments as a generality.

So, what's your opinion? Who is right, or are we both wrong? I am excited to hear what you have to say!