Monday, September 15, 2008

This Week

Hooray for Zane!!! He got his first goal last Tuesday at his soccer game! He is really learning how to get the ball out of the crowd of kids surrounding it, and kick it in the correct direction. He is the youngest kid on his team, and many of the other kids played last year, so they have a few more soccer skills than Zane does. But I think that is a good thing, because he is learning so much watching their example. It has been such a blast to go to the practices and games as a family and cheer the team on. I will be bummed when the season is over.

Zane is right in front of the girl (#3). This is the moment before he kicked the ball into the goal! Too bad you can't see more than a small part of the back of his head peeking out.

This is the photo I shot right after he made his goal. He was so happy.


This one is obvious... he is throwing the ball back into play.

This past week was filled with many fun things in our family. Just before Grandma Deb came into town, Zane decided it would be fun to help Nyah put on some makeup while I was on the phone. They did this in a matter of a few minutes!!!

It kinda looks like she has a moustache!

She's fussing because she knows she's busted.

Later that day Jeff and I put together her first big girl bed. She was so excited! All she can talk about (even now) is her new big girl bed. The first night she slept in it was Wednesday night, and she didn't get out even once. I find this to be quite a miracle because when Zane got his first big boy bed he was out of it like 50 times a night. We had to keep putting him back in it (without saying a word to him) until he finally got the picture. I am glad that Nyah's experience made it much less exhausting on Jeff and I!

Woo Hoo!!! My new big girl bed!!!

Dad and Ny on her new bed.

On Thursday night after the kids were in bed, Grandma Deb came to visit for the weekend. It was so fun! We went to lunch, went to the toy store, and had Sponge Bob Popsicles. We all loved having her here, and we wish she could visit more often. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Grandma gave each kid a whole dollar! Zane was especially thrilled.

Grandma and Nyah.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Summer of Fun

Zane and Nyah at Lagoon
Driving a car at Lagoon
Zane and his sand castle in San Diego
Nyah Playing in the water at the beachZane and Ny at a baseball game on Ny's birthday
Since the Summer is over now, I thought I would post a few pics of the kids having fun. We took two trips to Cali this year, and it was a BLAST! Zane and Nyah love the beach, and it makes me dream of moving back there someday. I love the mild weather, the waving palm trees, and the layed-back attitude. Maybe when we are rich...
Since I am such an antsy person, we took the kids to a lot of fun places. We were regulars at Lagoon, Thanksgiving Point, and the aquarium. We went swimming at the local pool and at the beach several times. We went to multiple baseball games. We went on Craig and Jen's boat twice. We went to Sea World, Disneyland, and the San Diego Zoo. We even went to a beautiful wedding. Maybe we should stay home an relax next summer so I don't burn my poor family out;-)
I am glad that we were able to do so many things, and I am grateful for the season passes that helped make all this possible. I think Jeff is starting to wish he married a homebody... Oh well, I guess I'll work on that next year.