Monday, August 25, 2008

Zane's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Zane's first day of kindergarten at Challenger School. He has been so excited to start kindergarten, with only one exception... kindergarten shots. He wouldn't even have known about them if his friend who started kindergarten last year didn't let him in on it. Luckily, we didn't mention that he was getting his shots until the moment he had to get them, so it went pretty quickly with little anxiety.

Anyway, back to the first day of school. He was so excited this morning when I woke him up. He ate his breakfast fairly quickly, and then ran upstairs to get dressed. He felt all grown up wearing his spiffy uniform, and he didn't even seem to mind the tie too much. He wanted his hair styled with gel to look cool, and he was thrilled to put on his new backpack. I was exactly on time, but that didn't leave much room for pictures in front of the house, so I snapped the few I could and hustled the kids in the car.

When we get there he was so excited that he jumped out of the car with the attendant, and tried to bolt toward the school. Luckily she grabbed him and informed him that he had to hold her hand while they were by the unloading zone to make sure he was safe.

As soon as school was over, I was right there to pick him up at the loading zone, and the very first thing he said to me when he got in the car was, "Mom, I loved it! It was so awesome!" I am so glad that he had such a good time getting to know his new class and his new teachers. We were able to meet both of them last Friday at the open house, and they are delightful. I feel so blessed that he attends that school, and that the new campus is so very close to our home. I am almost as excited as he is for this year of school.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Hubby

Jeff was away in Vegas this weekend visiting his buddies. It was a good chance for him to get away for a few days, but we really missed him at home. Zane told everyone we came in contact with that his dad was on a vacation, but it was just for 2 days, and then he would be back. On Friday, the first day Jeff was gone, Ny woke up from her nap a little bit crabby. She plopped herself right in front of the door to the garage and cried for daddy for a solid 10 minutes. Zane and I tried to distract her, but she was bent on having her moment. Finally she was tired of crying and we were able to bribe her with a little snack.

Jeff came home today, and since I was sick most of the day they hung out with him. Nyah insisted on having Jeff sing to her before bed, which is something I normally do. It is so awesome that my kids have a dad that is so fun and so lovable that they miss him when he goes, and relish every moment that they have with him. I think he just might be their favorite, and I don't even mind.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Little Ballerina

My little Nyah is two now, and the older she gets the more personality she shows. She is so cute, everyday she dances around the house to any music that she hears... even if it is her own sweet singing. She always wants me to turn the music on when I am at the computer so she can twirl, and leap, and hop, and flap her arms gracefully around the office. A few weeks ago I went to pick her up from her nursery class at church, and the new nursery teacher was gushing over how cute Nyah is. She told me everytime they started a new song during singing time Nyah would get out of her chair and start dancing. When the song was over she would sit back down, but as soon as the next song began she was back up on her feet. A few days later I heard the same story from my friend Sarah who happened to be in the nursery at the time. She makes me laugh! For her birthday, my friends Tatum and Lisa each made a cute little tutu for her. She LOVES to wear them and twirl around the house like a little pink ballerina. I guess I will be finding some dance classes for her soon so she can really have something fun to look forward to every week. Wh knows, maybe she will be a star on SYTYCD in 16 years or so! lol.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fire Bullets Soccer

Zane just started Soccer this past week, and he has been loving it! We have all of the cool gear like shin guards and cleats, and he loves his black soccer shorts and his purple and white jersey. When I signed him up for soccer a few months ago I thought it was just a kindergarden team, but as it turns out it is a combined kindergarden and first grade team. Zane is born in September, so he is still 4. Several of the other kids in first grade are 6, so we are lucky that Zane is naturally big, tough, and coordinated.

Zane's first game was last Tuesday, and he was so awesome! Apparently there are'nt any goalies in little kid soccer, and this didn't make much sense to Zane. Sooooo... he decided to make it his personal mission to block every ball he could coming at his team's goal. He actually blocked 4 goals! On the first block he dove (literally DOVE) in front of the ball and put his hands straight out to barely block the ball from going into the goal. Since there aren't any real goalies in little kid socccer, there is a rule that nobody can touch the ball with their hands, so the other team was given the ball. But it only took him once to learn that rule, and the next 3 blocks were done with his feet and legs. GO ZANE!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Carrera & Jason  (748)
Carrera was a breathtakingly beautiful bride.

The Ring Bearer

Carrera & Jason  (623)
Zane was so handsome next to all the groomsmen in his matching tux.

The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Carrera & Jason  (351)
They were so adoreable! Look at him holding her arm!

Jeff and Amy at the Wedding

Carrera & Jason  (286)
My lil bro Jeff and his girl Amy are looking pretty smooth in their shades.

Mother and Son

Carrera & Jason  (260)
Kind of a cheesey pic, but it was the best one of the two of us.

Zane and the Cakes

Carrera & Jason  (254)
All he wanted was one little bite of that car cake!

Zane and Ariana

Carrera & Jason  (117)
This was at the rehearsal dinner. Cute shirts.