Friday, August 21, 2009


Jeff and Ny on the tube with Nikki and Brayden

Zane swimming in the lake

Brandon and Aunt Kimmie

Peeps on the boat and in the tube

Matt, Zane, and Trent

Jeff just chillin' on the boat

Nyah, trying to muster the courage to jump in :-)

Shay and her little cousins trying to get her wet!

The Aunties being silly

Zane with a grasshopper crawling up his arm!
There are several other great pics of the boating trip, but I think I will just post them on Facebook in a few days. It really was a fun trip, and we are so grateful for Pam and Andy and their generocity. Zane is already asking when we can go back to Boise and hang out on the boat with our cousins again. Maybe next year.....