Friday, May 22, 2009

Funny Nyah

Nyah says some of the funniest and or sweetest things, but I always seem to forget to write them down, so I thought I'd put a few of them here.

The other night Jeff was not here and I was putting Nyah to bed. We usually have family prayers before bed, but it was just she and I this time. Anyway, Nyah and Zane always want to say the prayer, so we usually let them take turns (sometimes we let them both have a turn on the same night), meaning Jeff and I don't get to say the prayer very often. So on this particular night, Nyah wanted to say the prayer (of coarse), and after she did, I asked her if it was okay for me to say a prayer too. Her response? She gives me a great big sigh and says, "This is gonna be a long one" before she kneels down and closes her eyes. Ha! So of coarse I tried not to make it too long, just to prove her wrong :-)

Later that night I had gone down to the basement to chat with Kimmie, and Nyah had gotten out of her bed and was looking for me. When she didn't find me she started crying... hard. So I ran upstairs and reassured her that I didn't leave her and that I would never leave her alone in the house and she said, "You were talking to Kimmie?" and I said, "Yup." Then she said, "Oh, I just lost you." So I just giggled and said, "You lost me for just a minute, but I was here all along." I could feel her breathe a sigh of relief.

Gotta love her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Walk MS Was Awesome!

As many of you know, our family has been very busy with moving and renting homes and such, so I have not had time to update my blog until now, but finally I have a moment to post some cool pix of Walk MS Salt Lake City, and Walk MS Provo. Enjoy!

Emily, Me, Rachel, Jessica, Jen, Shelley, Anna
Kim, Mama Judy, Zane, Me, Jen

Mickey, Evana and Matt, Me, Isaac in the back, Kim Lau's cute boyfriend, Kim

Aimee, Chantell, and Vanessa... the Mary Kay entourage!

Jessica, Shelley, baby Anna, Selena
Here is an action shot of the Fam.
Heather, Brian, Pam, Kimmie, Jen, Megan, Mama Judy, & Ny in the stroller

Near the end of the walk, a sweet older lady tripped and caught her fall with her face. Ouch! I called 911 while Eve got right in there to stop the bleeding. Eve is my hero! The poor lady wasn't responding for a while, but then was able to answer a few simple questions. We left as soon as the fire fighters came to the rescue.

This was taken at the Provo Walk.
Ally, Lori, and Jessica are holding my darling little Nyah.

This photo was also taken at the Provo Walk. Interestingly, out team shirt won the Best T-Shirt Award at this walk. I was surprised, but it was a cool moment :-)

Our team was so cool, everyone had such a great time. I don't have the team photo from either walk yet, but as soon as I do I will post it here if anyone wants to steal it. The Hoppers raised almost $3500 this year, which is just a bit better than last year. WoooHooo! It has been such a great experience to help this awesome cause, and see so many others do the same. Some of the girls on our team helped us make a team flag, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of it other than in the team photos that I don't have quite yet. Krista and all the girls who came made it a really sweet flag, and I can't wait for everyone to see it. Stay tuned....