Sunday, June 28, 2009

Potty Training, T-Ball, and Princesses

I have been so darn busy lately! I want to cram in a few things that I have been meaning to blog about but haven't yet. Enjoy!

Nyah finally decided 3 weeks ago that she is a big girl, and she is ready to wear big girl underwear and go to the potty. I was a little scared since we had big plans that day (Saturday) to go to Lagoon and I didn't want to ruin her resolve by making her wear a diaper, so I took some extra cloths with us and crossed my fingers. I couldn't believe it, but she told us 8 times that day that she needed to go to the potty, and she did it every time with NO ACCIDENTS! She did it at home twice, at Lagoon twice, when we were driving home (We pulled over and took her to Wendy's), and while we were at my sister-in-law's house twice! I don't want to get too graphic, but it was pee and poop! Since that day 3 weeks ago she has only had 2 accidents, and they were both right in front of the potty while she was pulling off her undies. Yay for Nyah!!!

Zane recently started T-Ball on the Lehi City League, and Jeff volunteered to be the coach. I can't tell you how excited Zane was when he found out that his dad would be his coach! We have had 2 practices and 1 rained out game, so Zane is itching to get out and play another team. He really is quite good, he knows all the rules (he watches baseball with Jeff and plays with Jeff all the time), he can throw and catch quite well, and he is one heck of a hitter. I heard that his cousin Tyler (who I think is almost 10) is a baseball phenom, so I guess Zane is trying to follow in his footsteps. There is another family rumor that Jeff and his big bro Dan were awesome ball players in their day as well, not to mention the Softball skills of all of his aunties, so maybe baseball runs in the Hoppie blood ;-)

Nyah will be three on Monday, and I wanted her to have a little party with all of her 3 year old friends to celebrate. Ny wanted a princess party, so we decided to go with it. We get little Disney princess invites and handed them out to her friends in the area. She also told the next door neighbor about her upcoming party, and she offered us some beautiful crystal looking plates and matching cups to make the girls really feel like royalty. I was afraid that they would get broken, but she assured me she didn't mind if they did since she had so many and bought them second hand anyway. I couldn't believe her generosity!

I decorated with purple flowers, a strand of Christmas lights, party favors (crowns, rock candy wands, stick-on earrings, barbie stickers, fashion rings), and the cake.

The Table

The Cake and Place Setting

Lizzy, Nyah, and Megan

Getting Ready to Bead Bracelets

Princesses Eating

Princess Nyah

Heart Shaped Sandwiches


Directly After the Party
( lol.)
It was so much fun to have all those little princesses over making bracelets, eating finger foods, opening gifts, playing together and giggling! Thanks to all of the moms who let us borrow their little princesses for the afternoon. It made Nyah's party so fun and so memorable.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

12 Weeks to a NEW ME!

So, I am pretty sick of working out every day and staying the same size. I have been busting my bunz running, lifting weights, swimming, doing aerobics and pilates, and although I am seeing improvements in my stamina, strength, and overall health, I have plateaued in the weight loss category. I know (and have known) what the problem is (I don't eat right), but honestly I have no idea how to plan for, shop for, and cook a really healthy meal. So when I found out that my friend Trish and her buddy Kristi started a business to help women learn to eat right and get a rock hard body, I was on board! They gave me a book (they call it the Pink Bible) that outlines EXACTLY what to eat, how to prepare it, when to eat it, and what exercises to do... for a whole 12 weeks! You should see the before and after shots of Trish, it is unbelievable. So I am starting my journey to a new healthier, thinner, firmer me, and I couldn't be more excited... or scared ;-) I am taking a before pic tonight in a bikini, but don't worry, I won't post it here... but if I end up looking as hot as Trish, maybe I will make this blog private and post my after photo... or not! We'll see....

Wish me luck!