Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie Night

Last Thursday several girls who live on (and right by) our street decided we should go to the movies. This is the second time Krista has organized this, and it was so much fun. Thanks Krista! The first time we went we saw Twilight, and this past Thurday we saw Bride Wars. There were a few girls missing the second time due to morning sickness (Tiff) or just plain exhaustion (Sarah), but we hope they will be able to make it next time... there better be a next time.... :-)

Jen, Whitney, Krista, Paula, Sheramie

Jen, Whitney, Krista, Paula, Me

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Eyebrow Experience

My friend Selena is one of the most beautiful people I know, and she was telling me that part of her beauty regimen is dying her eyebrows. We blondies usually have pale skin and light eyebrows, so we get washed out pretty easily. So, Selina offered to dye and shape my eyebrows for me. I have to say that even though I trusted Selena (her brows are amazing), I was pretty freaked out when I looked in the mirror and saw this:
Sorry for the bitter look, Selena thought it would make a more dramatic shot for blog posting purposes ;-) Anyway, you can see why I was concerned. Selena, being the good friend that she is, assured me that when I washed the dye off, it would look great. So, I relaxed a bit. A few minutes later, it was time to wash the dye off. She gave me two cotton balls and told me to start scrubbing and rinsing. As soon as I was done, I looked in the mirror again, and to my absolute horror, I saw this:

Again, I apologize for the silly expression, but this was the best reenactment of the moment I saw my eyebrows that I could create for a more accurate depiction of the moment. Luckily, Selena is a compassionate person, and continued her attempts to keep me calm by explaining that she had a "stain remover" that would remove the dye left on my skin that was making me feel a bit too much like Groucho Marx.

I decided it was best to trust Selena, and hold off on the complete meltdown until she tried the stain remover. Selena got out a Q-tip and the solution, and began scrubbing my brows as hard as she could. While she was doing this she was assuring me that it was working, and that I would love the final result. So as soon as she was finished I held my breath, looked in the mirror, and saw this:
Well, almost. This is what I looked like after I hugged and thanked Selena (with much relief and excitement), and put on my make-up. Now all I have to do is find a good self tanner to complete the effect. I am pretty excited, I am a little tired of the albino look. If anyone has any recommendations for a non streaky, non orange self tanner, please share!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas and Stuff

I have been so busy/ tired lately that I havent posted in a while, and I have so much I want to post. I think I will wait on some of it for a while. Here is what I have time to share now...

Christmas was really great. We spent it at Aunt Kimmie's house with Aunt Jen and Uncle Craig and all our fun cousins. Even Grammy and Grandpa were there!

Since we were snowed in on Traverse Mtn, we decided to invite Eve and her family to spend the afternoon with us. Since they are our neighbors, we figured they were snowed in too and might like some company. Because of all the snow, several family members were unable to make it, so we had plenty of food to share with their family. This photo is of the two of us making our ugliest faces!

Aunt Jen and Nyah on Christmas Day. I just really like this picture, it is so sweet.

Zane recently started basketball, and he is on the Cougars (I think). He is number 34 just like Shaq! He made 3 baskets durring his last game, and had several rebounds. He loves to play, and we love to watch.