Thursday, June 16, 2011

Looking Up

Life is a roller coaster. I am really learning what it means to look toward the light at the end of the tunnel. There are many things that are really good in my life currently though, and I thought I would put them down so I can remember to be thankful today.

It is baseball season, and Zane is thrilled. He loves being on a team, and baseball is his favorite sport to play. I love watching my kids play sports. Nyah is more interested in gymnastics, and I love seeing her enjoy that as well.

I have such great friends! I have so many people that call me, text me, facebook me, and invite me to hang out, and it feels so nice to have so many real connections. I have a few friends that even send me cards, and it makes my day every time (thanks Beth, Liz, and Andy!)

Now that the weather has warmed up the kids and I have been going hiking. Hiking is one of my very favorite things to do. I get a good work out while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the hills, mountains, and valleys around me. The kids and I love to run up the steep parts and see how fast we can reach the top!

So many people are still looking for jobs or are unhappy in their positions, but I have a FANTASTIC job that I love. Working for the Marine Corps is such a blessing. I have been able to meet so many amazing people, and I feel like I am doing something to help college kids and grads. So many grads are struggling to find good jobs, and I get to be a little part of helping some of them start a career in the military.

Okay, so that is enough. I am feeling good and I am excited for what new things I will experience in the near future. Being happy isn't always about things being perfect. It is about looking for the silver lining, and continuing to strive to put yourself and others around you in a better situation. Lesson learned.

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Chrystal said...

Mmmwwwaaahhh! I Love You Tara! I'm glad things are looking up because you're looking at them that way - happiness really is a way of life.